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Council should raise money for VFW
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

Now that the Manteca City Council has gone in to the loan business, it must be a relief for Mayor Steve DeBrum and the rest of the council that they may not have to shell out a few bucks from their own pockets to help the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post install a commercial kitchen in the building going up on Moffat Boulevard.

With the amount of money DeBrum, Vince Hernandez, Richard Silverman, and Mike Morowit raised during the last election you’d think they’d put their fundraising skills to work helping the VFW.

At a recent council meeting former Police Chief Dave Bricker spoke in favor of the loan as did local citizen Fleener Richards who gave the city staff, DeBrum and the council a good scolding for their lack of support for the VFW project.

Out of kindness local businessman Ed Fonseca stepped up to the podium to announce that he would pay all interest on the $50,000 city loan the VFW is seeking.

Perhaps when the next city awards dinner rolls around they can give Fonseca with a Citizen of the Year Award for digging into his own pocket which is what the mayor and council should have done.

As a side note, perhaps the council should take another sight seeing trip to Washington, D.C., at the expense of taxpayers as the meeting when they got back lasted four hours and 25 minutes while the meeting prior to the trip lasted 24 minutes.


Fred Millner