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Dangerous safety situation still exists on Mission Ridge
letter to editor

Editor, Mission Ridge,

The traffic safety on Mission Ridge Drive is not a new topic but a topic that was discussed at Manteca City Council meetings in 2018 and other times, with the Deputy Director of Public Works, Mr. Kim and with the previous Mayor Steve DeBrum and Mike Morowit City Council Member.  The topic has always been the safety of residents living on Mission Ridge Drive from Main Street to Union Road which is approximately 1.5 miles. 

Our initial objective was to have stop signs and crosswalks at Locust Avenue and Swan Drive to slow down drivers traversing Mission Ridge Drive.  We found that that objective would require several state approvals. The solution that Public Works adopted by the Public Works Department was to narrow 1 mile of the street from South Main to Widgeon Way. The argument was that a narrower street would cause the drivers to slow down adhere to the 30 miles posted speed. That did not occur. Therefore, we changed our objectives to calming devices that would require drivers to slow down.  That did not occur.

But by the Public Works Department, Deputy Director Mr. Kim not focusing on all 1.5 miles of Mission Ridge Drive especially the most dangerous section of Mission Ridge Drive only exacerbated the problem. I reiterate the most dangerous part of Mission Ridge Drive is from Union Road to Widgeon Way  because of blind spots at Swan Drive and drivers accelerates once they turn onto Mission Ridge Drive from Union and stop at the stop sign at Widgeon Way. Therefore, we concluded that calming devices should be installed. 

But I have had several discussions with Mr. Kim last year without any positive results. I discussed Union Road to Widgeon, and I quote he said “good Idea” therefore I do not why the problem has not been addressed. However, my neighbors and I continue to see drivers drive in excess of 50 miles an hour from Union Road and from Widgeon Way and some not stopping at the stop sign at Widgeon. 

Therefore, I ask what does it take to create a safe environment for residents that reside on Mission Ridge Drive? The solution is simple calming devices to slow down the traffic or stop signs and crosswalks. We would not object to either. But no action continues to create a dangerous environment for us that reside on Mission Ridge Drive. 


Robert L. Fennell