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Deathers join Birthers in political side show
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
First there were the “Birthers”, now we have the “Deathers”, the first being all those loonies who continue to insist President Obama is not a “real” U.S. citizen therefore he cannot be a “real” U.S. President. When I first heard this ludicrous idea, I just brushed it off as just sore losers who just can’t get over the fact that Obama is indeed our President.

Now we get an even more ludicrous idea from the “Deathers”, these are the people who believe Obama’s Health Reform bill has something in it that will allow the government to kill off old people. Personally I think these are one and the same bunch of loonies wearing different hats. After all isn’t one of these fringies that crazy lady from Alaska, you know, the one who the Republican leadership thought would make a great Vice President? Remember during the campaign she questioned Obama’s right to be President and just recently said Obama’s Health Reform Bill would allow for “Death Panels” for old people and people who were otherwise knocking on death’s door?

The “Crazy Lady” still has refused to retreat from her debunked claim even when members of her own party shot her down, such as Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who said this about Palin’s claims “...we don’t have to be making things up.” A not so subtle reference to Palin’s resignation speech, when she asked the media to “quit making things up.”

All this hoopla about “Death Panels” and killing Grandma stems from a provision within the Health Reform bill which allows payment for a doctor who has conversations with a patient to include living wills, making a close relative or a trusted friend your health care proxy, learning about hospice as an option for the terminally ill, and information about pain medications for people suffering chronic discomfort. That’s all, no “Death Panels” or gas chambers. The “gas” presumably all that CO2 Al Gore conspired to collect with his Global Warming hoax, which your are all painfully aware, hashed and rehashed by a local writer on these pages for several days.

As innocuous as the end-of-life provision is, we now hear from Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, one of six lawmakers negotiating a Senate bill, that the end-of-life provisions have been dropped from consideration. I suppose this action is in response to the mob scenes at recent town-hall meetings where citizens turned out to learn more about Health Reform but were shouted down by those who opposed everything in it. Mr. Frank Aquila defended these people in a recent letter, (Why is it ‘un-American to ask questions?). Now I would be the last person to condemn the right to protest, but protests have their place and no one should be allowed to disrupt a civil meeting the way we have all witnessed on the news. Ask the question, wait for a response then let someone else take their turn, what is wrong with that?

Now, with that provision out of the bill, I wonder what the crazy lady up in Alaska will come up with next? One thing for sure, it will be completely off the wall and SNL worthy.

This just in... “Obama was not born in this country, he was in fact, created in a Nazi lab somewhere in Nigeria by Nazi scientists using stem cells from a otherwise perfectly healthy but now destroyed embryo, raised in Communist China and baptized as a Muslim terrorist by members of Al-Qaida to infiltrate this country and run for President so he could pass Health Care reform and kill all Christians via “Death Panels” using CO2 collected by Al Gore’s Global Warming hoax”....Sara Palin, unemployed Right Wing Blogger.

Well, maybe she didn’t say it quite that way, but she would if she knew where Nigeria was, remember during the campaign she thought Africa was a country. Sara Palin, you just got to love her wit.
Larry Baca
Aug. 15, 2009