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DeBrum should resign as Manteca mayor
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
If Steve DeBrum is going to be a fulltime mayor for Manteca he should do so. He should take care of his “personal business” on his time, not on the time of us taxpayers. DeBrum is paid good money to conduct city business himself – not pass the buck to Mayor Pro Tempore Rich Silverman, who no doubt enjoyed sitting in the middle council seat.
Silverman certainly had his hands full, worried about $39,315 for downtown alley construction repair designs and crosswalks on Woodward Avenue. But Silverman was not worried about any other part of our fair city, like the street work and sidewalk work that needs to be done. Forget the alley work – spend the $600,000 on street and sidewalk repairs.
If DeBrum is not going to be a fulltime mayor he should step down and resign immediately. The quickest way would be too slow. Perhaps he might consider outgoing councilman Vince Hernandez as his replacement.

Fred Millner

Editor’s note: Manteca’s mayor — as well as council members — receives a $550 stipend each month. They do  not receive any reimbursements for council expenses such as mileage. Silverman is the only council member that is retired.