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Democratic Party is missing the boat
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
It appears that Ms. Sadlowski carries on the family tradition of the lack of ability to deal with the truth.

Ms. Sadlowski, you need to get more information from other than the mainstream media and your father. That propaganda is for voter consumption in order to put the Democratic Party in control of the government. You know, that same government that is supposed to be “for the people of the people and by the people” the truth is not factual just because it comes from your friends on the left. Use that good brain you have and season the facts with logic.

For example, the financial mess is not from the Bush Administration as you have been told but from years of the Democratic Party’s affordable housing program which began under President Carter and was accelerated under Clinton. When you understand the laws of economics you realize that when you increase demand by increasing the number of buyers simply by making them available to buy when they normally would not have been able to afford it by having the government make the mortgage companies to do so is how they came up with no down and subprime mortgages. The real estate market could not sustain such pressure and the prices rose to out of control, and the bubble burst. Now also remember which party was in control of congress the final two years of the Bush presidency. The Democrats who were the same party, who during the 2008 campaign, said that the crisis was clearly visible, yet they did nothing. It goes even further, when Sen. McCain tried to regulate the affordable housing problems he was shut down by the ruling Democrats.  So who is really to blame for the financial mess?

Now be careful when you proclaim the name of Jesus, get it right. You are correct when you say he taught to take care of the widows and orphans but he was talking to the church, not the government. Maybe you could use a lesson in current events on the issue from Europe where recent elections have made a significant change from socialism to capitalism, because they found out socialism does not work. Pay attention to all those in England and Canada on nationalized health care where the government decides who get treatment and thousands die from lack of care, some of them because the government does not feel they deserve the expense.

Pornography may be “legal” but that does not make it right. It certainly is not fitting for a man in the Justice Department. Would you want your children to live under laws by this man?

Now since you follow Jesus I would have you read Leviticus 18 verse 22 and see what God says about such behavior he calls a man lying with a man as with a woman as abomination  and he promises to throw any nation that practices such things off their land. So “new ideas” are not always good, you have a good head on your shoulder, do not be misguided by the instant gratification of the New Age thinkers. God never changes and his word never changes. Since the Bible promises that God will bless the nations that obey him and curse those that disobey him, it seems that these are serious concepts where the old right ways are always right.

Our nation was founded on the belief that our rights come from God and they cannot be taken by man.

Our founding fathers never intended for the government to be so big or to do so much or they would have spelled it out in the document that formed our nation. This is to be a government of the people, for the people and by the people. The Democrat party sees the government as the answer for all the problems at the expense of those who earn honest wages, the Bible says a man is worthy of his pay for his labors not that he should spread the wealth. Ms. Sadlowski, your dad’s party is missing the boat.
Jerry Johnson
June 9, 2009