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Democrats all blamed Bush for high oil prices
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I remember when President Bush was in office and all the Democrats blamed him when the price of oil went up. I remember the Democrats saying he is helping his oil buddies.

I remember the Democrats lying about former Congressman Pombo during the campaign with signs that read Pombo + Cheney = High Gas.

Now that the Democrats have Obama as their president, they blame anyone but Obama.  Even Baca woke up in the village to write on his set of stones to praise his messiah Obama. He and the other Democrats blame speculators and ignore the facts that 70% of the oil we use in America is imported from countries that hate America. We should drill for oil here and refine our own oil. Then the price of oil will go down and that is the only fact the Democrats need to know.

James Simoni
March 1, 2012