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Democrats should denounce NAMLA
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
If I were a Democrat in this city, I would be embarrassed by what Mr. Baca and Mr. Sadlowski wrote in the paper. I have also seen the ridicule to anyone who opposes NAMBLA on the Manteca Bulletin blog.  I felt Mr. Aquila’s letter about NAMBLA’s relationship with the Democratic Party was informative.  I also agreed with the letter from Mr. Blanch and the passion from Mr. Simoni.  When I first read the article about the Man-Boy Love Association, I expected the Democrats in the city to denounce this organization and the essential rape of boys by older men.  Instead, all the Democrats have defended NAMBLA and want to attack Mr. Aquila for writing the article.  I have noticed attacks on those against NAMBLA on the blog.  

Mr. Baca only wants to complain that the paper is not liberal enough and Mr. Sadlowski writes a letter that Republicans states have more porn users.  So what?  I am Republican and I do not look at porn; but porn is legal.  Rape of boys by older men is not legal and an organization like should not be around nor should the Democratic Pparty support it.  Mr. Sadlowski, you should be ashamed to defend such an organization with such a lame excuse.  It would have been better if you would have just kept your mouth shut instead of making yourself look so stupid.
 Amy Sullivan
Oct. 23, 2009