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Dems mad not because they lost but because their reality failed
letter to editor

Editor Manteca Bulletin,

Solving any problem requires the understanding of the limitations and effects of changes made to the system you are trying to fix.  While this is a fancy statement, it holds true and the liberal left does not understand it.  

The schools are not teaching problem solving any more. The liberal left Democrats are the results of this failure. People no longer understand life’s basic principles or concepts.   Over the years, I have had debates with Ms. Pearsall.  All that she has responded with were “facts” without the ability to articulate a sound concept.  In her liberal left echo chamber, her friends have said how great her response was and that she “crushed” it.  And in my world, those that agree with me say I crushed it. Facts don’t make wisdom, knowledge does.  Let me show you the difference.  

Simple high school math and physics:  The Gardnerian has published an article stating the 436x10^21J of energy has been absorbed by the ocean over the last 150 years.  By Googling, I get that it takes 1.55x10^27J of energy, to boil the world’s oceans.  Use the high school formula, Y=mX+b to find out that in about 1,000,000 years the ocean would boil.  Now calculate how many degrees the oceans temperature rose from the dawn of man to now.

In the past, the global warming echo chamber of which, Ms. Pearsall has used to validate her erroneous belief that CO2 causes global warming to tell me how wrong I am without understanding so much as one iota of science.  AOC stated that in 12 years the world will die due to CO2.  The left liberals Democrats go wild cheering in their own swill of facts.  The liberal left Democrats told Ms. Pearsall how great her response was and that she “tore” me apart.  I understand H=U+pV and all its implications.  Ms. Pearsall will google the equation and state verbatim the definition, but will not understand the physics behind the equation.  Her echo chamber will applaud her facts as though they are privy to some unknown science that the right can’t comprehend.  Many of those on the conservative right’s echo chamber do not understand the science either, but they are correct in their facts.  Not because they have knowledge and understanding, but because they are stating the true facts in an attempt to properly explain the implications.  To show this in a different light, let’s look at the 2nd amendment and how the liberal left Democrats can’t solve problems and are in fact causing more harm than good.

The arguments Ms. Pearsall and the left have made in the past include: If the founding fathers knew about these weapons, they would not have written the 2nd amendment, nobody needs weapons of war, semi-automatic weapons are designed for killing, guns are dangerous, we need common sense gun laws, and many other statements.  Their arguments are based on emotional facts that are devoid of reality.  At every mass shooting the gunman went right through every “common sense” gun law.  The pro 2nd amendment people are basing their arguments on reality, legal, logical facts.  After Heller and McDonald, SCOTUS has determined that the 2nd amendment is a personnel right and not a state’s right.  Didn’t you learn in school about the Bill of Rights?  Heller, McDonald, Caetano, Peruta, set the stage, and now Judge Benitez has ruled on Duncan v. Becerra. 

 In Duncan, Judge ruled/agreed that the 2nd amendment is a personal right.  He then went on to show that strict scrutiny is the legal level of evaluating rights.  SCOTUS has stated many times that for rights, strict scrutiny is needed.  It is used evaluate laws addressing the: 1st, 4th, 5th, 14th amendments.  I think all agree we need strict scrutiny for our rights.  Sen Feinstein has spent her life trying to get rid of guns instead of solving the underlying issues of gun violence.  By understanding reality, the pro 2nd amendment people got what they wanted.  The right to wear loaded guns on the street, in a car, fully automatic weapons, flash suppressors, pistol grip rifles, folding stocks and unlimited size magazine along with other configurations.  

Now the liberal left Democrats have to focus on the bottom-line issues for gun violence.  If Sen. Feinstein and the liberal left Democrats had started down the strict scrutiny avenue 30 years ago, we would have had much less violence and fewer mass shootings?  Democrats ruined California.  We once had the best schools and economy.  Now we are cash strapped.  Since the ACA, medical insurance premiums have gone way up and lower benefits.  The liberal left Democrats live in a fantasy world where man governs man.  I live in the real world where nature governs man.  

When the Democrats lost to Trump they got angry.  They got angry not because they lost, but because their reality failed.  Since 2018 the liberal left Democrats have moved to the far left while reality keeps moving forward.  

Scott McComas