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Denham works hard for the Valley
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Every American Citizen 18 or older who has registered to vote has the right to vote in the upcoming November election.  It really doesn’t matter if they are Republican, Democrat, or other party members, or if they decline to state which party they belong to.   They have the right to vote for whoever they choice to vote for.  They are not required to tell the world who they voted for nor are they required to tell the world who they intend to vote for, unless they want to.  Voting is considered to be a private matter.  To make an assumption that someone backs another because they have conducted business with that person is downright wrong.
 If the Modesto Bee knew Jeff Denham, they would not have said half the things they printed about him.  Denham stands up for us and the Valley and works very hard for us.  He has worked very hard for the Veterans, because he is one.  He fought in Desert Storm. It’s Denham that is working hard to get the Veterans Clinic built at French Camp.  He has helped individual veterans get their benefits, when they’ve encountered bumps in the road.   He understands vets and works hard for them, because he is one.  It’s Denham that takes the time to explain why he votes on a certain issues, when questioned, and so far he’s always been right.  
Denham has always advocated the selling of empty, unused government buildings, to get these money draining unused properties off the government books and pay down the government debt.  It’s Denham who speaks Spanish, as his wife’s family is from Mexico, and it’s his father-in-law that runs the farm when Denham is in DC.  It’s Denham who sponsors New Citizens Days in our area.  He really understands immigration and has what I consider to be, a reasonable, thought out, logical immigration plan.  Denham has always been a gentleman, polite, respectful, and all around considerate to everyone. Denham is the best thing that has happened to our area, and I can honestly say that I trust him to do a great job for all of us, whether we are Republican or Democrat, and whatever our background might be.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.    I cannot think of a better candidate to represent us.  He’ll listen and work hard for all of us.
 My question to you is what has Michael Eggman actually accomplished? What has he contributed to the community?  His real claim to fame is that his sister is a politician.  To me, that tells me nothing about what Michael has achieved, or who is really is. 
Denham has and will continue to stand for good logical choices for us.  Eggman will be a mere puppet and copy the Democrats policies for higher taxes, more restrictions on small business and any business, and more personal restrictions on our personal  live choices and limits on our health care options.  It will include large amounts of wasted money tossed into a burning pit of nothingness with the sole purpose of making everyone dependent on the government to fund their lives, with very limited benefits, and lots of heartache and disappointment.   Remember how Obama said his health care plan would save all of us money?  Did it?  No it did not.  All of us are now paying more for less coverage.  You can vote for Denham, where you get to decide how to spend your hard earned money.  Or you can vote for Eggman so he can waste your hard earned money and take more and more away from you to for the purpose of controlling your life choices and the lives of you children.    
Linda Silverman