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Did Turbo Tax forget about Cash for Clunkers?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The night of Obama’s State of the Union, my oldest daughter stated she would be willing to bet her tax credit she received for being a first time home buyer, that someone on the fringe would surely submit something to the editor complaining about the speech and would probably just parrot the Republican response which followed, well she was right. The President could have announced the cure to all forms of cancer and the fringe would have claimed this was simply some kind of Obama plot for government to take over health care.

The tax credit my daughter was alluding to was one part of Obama’s stimulus package which, I may add,  the writer of the subject letter failed to mention.  (“Not impressed with Obama’s 2010 agenda”, Friday, Jan. 29 letter). Not surprising, by any means.

For years my daughter had pretty much given up on the hope of ever being able to afford her own home, that is until the first-time buyer tax credit of $8000 was made available to all firstitime home buyers. Even with the housing depreciation it would have still been next to impossible for her to gather all the initial costs of buying a home. I don’t know how many first-time buyers were right here in Manteca, but I would bet it was a substantial number. I personally know of three such buyers. I would bet almost everyone in town knows at least one.

The writer would have us believe the entire Obama stimulus package was a failure based on the Cash for Clunkers portion of the stimulus, I would also bet all those who participated and qualified for any part of the stimulus would debate that claim, including the City of Manteca which was able to fund four police officer positions for three years, which would have otherwise been lost. Multiply that by all the other cities and towns just here in California who also saved such jobs. The writer claims only 100,000 jobs were generated by the stimulus bill, a debatable number for sure, but the stimulus package takes on a different light when your job is the one saved, doesn’t it?

Somehow the writer came up with a $25,000 bill sent to every taxpayer for every new car sold under the Cash for Clunkers bill. The writer also ties in Cap and Trade to another $340,000 for every American citizen. I don’t know about you but I’ve been working on my taxes for last year and so far, I am getting a refund. I guess the IRS or my copy of Turbo Tax forgot about those other charges.

The writer also claims Obama said  “...he was going to continue on the same direction”  and if he kept telling everyone he was right and you are wrong, sooner or later you would agree with him. I listened pretty good to his whole speech and I don’t recall any of that. Apparently the writer was referring to the same speech Rudy Giuliani claimed had no references to national security or terrorists. Maybe before one criticizes a speech, one should listen to it.

The writer calls for a change in Washington, I would be willing to bet what his idea of change would be, wouldn’t you? One last note, the writer calls for “insurance companies to operate across state lines to increase competition” as part of a good health care bill, err, uh, I do believe that’s in the Democrats’ bill sir. By the way, do the Republicans have a Health Reform bill? Any bill? I think not!
Larry Baca
Jan. 29, 2010