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Dogs & cats are pets and not people
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Great column on the “Where dogs belong” as it is about time dog owners get a wake-up call on proper behavior and where they can and cannot take their “children.” I personally don’t think that dogs are kids.
A service dog and an emotional support dog do not have the same rights. Service dogs are trained and are bred to be well behaved. They have rights that so called emotional support dogs and pet dogs should not have. If they (emotional support animals) are trained and bred to be well behaved my view could change about them but pets do not belong in stores and out in public places. They should be on a leash (in public places where allowed) or in a walled yard.
If not the owners are in violation of the law and they (owners)  should be fully held accountable. I, like you, like animals such as dogs and cats but they are pets, not people.

Christina Frederick