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Dreamers need path to citizenship
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It is my understanding that only the Congress of the United States has the power to pass a law.  DACA was ‘deemed’ law by the president it does not include a path to citizenship, thus ‘dreamers’ are subject to deportation under certain circumstances.  It assures that the person will not be deported for a period of 2 years; There is an end to DACA and am wondering what these ‘dreamers’ do at that point? 
Also this was an executive order which does not have the power of a law passed by congress and is easily overturned.  It is not a promise that a ‘dreamer’ may stay forever.  What happens to them in the future?  I believe there is a legal end to DACA for the individual.  Considering this, it seems that President Trump is in actuality trying to provide a ‘path to citizenship’ rather than an existence in limbo.  DACA is not citizenship.
I have sympathy with the people who are caught up in this dilemma and think it would be better to have this settled and to have citizenship rather than to be a resident without citizenship and thus subject to deportation.  If I wanted to remain in a country, I would rather be certain that I would always be able to rather than to wonder from day to day if this was the day I and/or my family would be deported.  An executive order is not a law as only congress has the power to make laws.  DACA is an executive order and can be rescinded.
I hope that what President Trump is doing results in a law granting citizenship to qualified DACA persons.  It also seems that there is a movement to blame this on President Trump when in actuality it is President Obama who put the ‘dreamers’ in this quandary — there is no path to citizenship in DACA and it has an end to it — what then?  Is it not better to deal with this problem now especially when we have North Korea rattling it’s hydrogen missiles at our country?  I hope for a happy ending and welcome the ‘dreamers’ into citizenship as I think President Trump does as well.  We will see what Congress does when presented with an actual law to make ‘dreamers’ true citizens of this country.  All my grandparents were born in countries other than the USA, became citizens and learned English.  I have sympathy with those who wish to become legal citizens of the USA and who love our country as did my grandparents and as I and my family do.

Marie Evans