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Effort to overthrow the government
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It is exceptionally clear that the Democrats are more interested in power than this country or its people.  Since the election, Democrats, Liberals, and Socialist have been trying very hard to overthrow the government by any means possible.  They failed to elect Hillary Clinton, so now they have caused the greatest political upheaval that I have ever experienced in my lifetime. 
During the election, several groups that were funded by Liberal and Socialist billionaires caused riot when attacking Trump supporters.  Hillary Clinton was supposed to win by a landslide, so why were they being so violent and vulgar?  History shows that Socialist governments are not desired by the many but the few.  Socialists need to change the meaning of words, control the conversation, use force, and cheat to gain power. 
Trump broke the Left’s hold of speaking PC.  With PC speaking being broke, the Left becomes angry, when others speak their mind.  Antifa is trying to stop all public discourse when someone presents an idea they don’t like, by stating it is hate speech.  By their definition, hate speech is not protected by the constitution.  Look at the violence they employ to shut down free speech.
Before Trump was even inaugurated, the left was calling for his impeachment.  During the inauguration, hundreds of thousands of the Left came out to disrupt others’ right to view the inauguration.  This included violence, blocking people, and protests as though they have the complete truth.  It’s been a year since Trump was elected.  During that time, the Left has made an untold amount of calls for impeachment, actually made the impeachment calls on the floor of the house.  The Democrats have made very clear and vocal promises to impede every item Trump wants to enact and have acted accordingly.
 Four Republicans voted for the shutdown.  If the Democrats wanted the Government to stay open, why did zero Democrats vote to keep the government opened instead of 100% voting to keep the government closed?  The Democrats, Liberals, and Socialist have also made very clear and vocal promises to help foreign nationals long before they help US citizens.  The cost for going to college is very expensive.  Dreamers are put ahead of citizens.  They get to pay in-state tuition and receive preferential.  American citizens are second class in our own country.  The Left wants to let foreigners have unfettered access to jobs and welfare money while Americans don’t get help. 
Over the last decade, laws have been written to the benefit of illegal aliens to the detriment of citizens. California law forbids illegal aliens can’t have their car towed in a DUI situation, while a American’s car can be towed.  But the Left still cries for the 14th amendment when it’s to their advantage.  After screaming at the top of their lungs, crying to tax the rich, the Coastal Liberals got their wish.  Now they are fighting to rescind the Trump tax on expensive home mortgages.  Our own Larry Baca lamented that the new tax structure would only amount to $34 a year.  If that’s the case, that puts Baca is in the top 5% of income and wealth for this country.  Depending on your AGI, the poor and low income could end up owing zero taxes, or a couple of thousand dollars in refunds.
Trump’s tax plan is bringing back corporate money back into the USA so companies can create high paying manufacturing jobs.  Baca apparently believes in keeping people poor and uneducated.  Go back and reread Baca’s letters and understand how he and the Left twist their comments to get you to believe they are looking out for your best interest.  Don’t blame me because the Left is not about American being a democracy.

Scott McComas