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Enough with finger pointing in Washington
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Ok, we have listened to enough of who done it. Who is at fault for the debt?  Enough is enough. The finger pointing is out of control. So, who did it?  Will somebody please stand up and admit they are one(s) who did it.  I didn’t think so. In each news conference the President gives, he always says: “Let me be clear”. Ok, when? So, who did it?

Now let me be clear. There are about 320 Americans citizens, and there are 540 people in Congress in charge of our money and everything else. That is a fact. “Criminals” on both side of the isle, were voted in with our trust, that they would do the right thing for our country, and put their own interests aside. I think, for the most part, all of them have lost sight of who they work for, and they all have shown extremely poor judgment in their job performance. If, and a big if, they wanted to really do something, they should start with their own house cleaning first. It is time to drain the swamp of bottom feeders who eat the little people, and carpet baggers, who move around just to keep their seat.

Those 540 are sitting on some real good retirement and health care; need to take the same pill the rest of us do. They all need to be replaced with people who can be trusted with the future of this great country, and every time they mess up, just like now, fire them on the spot. Just like any other job.

Gary Duran
Aug. 9, 2011