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Expects more from retired naval officer
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After reading a letter penned by Mr. Lee Almquist (“Ft. Hood suffered an Islamic jihadist attack”) Nov. 29, I thought the writer had simply bunched up his shorts and was merely venting, but one line caught my eye, “here in South Florida,” not shocking but the writer was from here in Manteca, not “here in South Florida”.

I thought about looking that up but got sidetracked with other issues and just today got time to get online. Reading the Bulletin blogs, I noticed that one blogger had already brought this to everyone’s attention but I thought it was worth repeating. The blogger, momo, gave us the link where Mr. Almquist got his inspiration, word for word, including the “here in South Florida” line. That link was:

Now it is well known that other ‘Opinion’ contributors have been known to pillage the Internet and give the impression the words are their own. I am equally sure everyone knows who they are. In fact my first letter to the Editor was in reply to one such contributor. You all know this person as the king of all urban legends.

We have become accustomed to these kinds of tactics used by mostly right-wing contributors but Mr. Almquist signed himself off as a retired Lt. Commander in the US Navy. I would expect a little more integrity from a Navy officer, retired or not.
Larry Baca
Dec.  2, 2009