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Fant plays race card when he is challenged
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Last Tuesday night’s Manteca Unified School District board meeting was purposely targeted with the usual suspects playing the race card with the NAACP showing up and a letter from the ACLU delivered to board members.

Criminal activities know how to use the ACLU and other regressive organizations to attempt to isolate, surround, and destroy their adversaries. Several speakers attempted to make MUSD personnel and, management look racist. Attempts by Ralph White, Bobby Givens and others to take the light off Sam Fant failed. These activists never give up, even when they are caught red-handed and — in Ashley Drain’s case — arrested. I hope more people will stand and speak up when these bullies show up.

I would like to tell Leo Bennett-Cauchon that none of what is going on with Fant and Drain is in any way about diversity or, in this case, because Fant and Drain are black. We don’t need constant lectures from Leo Bennett-Cauchon about restorative models of justice, social justice, cultural proficiency, and esoteric meanings of academic regalia, disproportionate amounts of black incarcerations or anything else. When people break the awl (regardless of color) sometimes they get caught and arrested, or in Fant’s case, they may get recalled.

Cauchon stated that he got most of his training from the PTA. I don’t believe that at all. By reading his comments and his unending grandstanding at the school board meetings I’m thinking he’s a scholar of Saul Alinksy (Rules for Radicals) and equally Bill Ayers’ books. I see it in everything he writes. Cauchon likes to quote Martin Luther King Jr. about lobe and connecting to our neighbors. What the heck does that have to do with criminal activity by black board members? It makes me sick to think a bully can threaten our superintendent’s job as well as other administrators, all who have multiple advanced degrees in education. When Fant is challenged, he plays he race card.

Kim Reichhelm