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Fear mongering & truck drivers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
 I wanted to thank you for writing your piece about the truck stop flap in Lathrop. I have just read it and it hits the nail on the head.
Too many communities do not understand their local industry and job sources from distribution centers are creating the truck traffic. Of course, the real estate is very expensive in California and the Bay Area needs to be much better served but the fact that any truck stop chains are willing to invest in the vicinity is a positive for truck parking advocates like myself.
 I truly appreciate the time you spent looking into the crime stats. I am going to share your article on our Facebook group called “Truck Parking Coalition” and I would like to share some information from a recent truck parking meeting that was held in Maryland that had some facts that States and Communities need more education about in order to keep receiving funds from the FAST Act.
We need all the help we can get to educate communities and I am aware the one you have out there is pretty well organized and sharing a lot of mistruths about truck drivers. When I wrote to them on Facebook about organizations like ours and the “Truckers Against Trafficking” they didn’t allow my post to be seen. They do not want to hear truth or facts, they only want to fear monger.

Desiree Ann Wood -
Truck Driver
President REAL
Women in Trucking, Inc.