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Fire board recognized unfairness
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin:
Having attended the May 23 evening Informational Town Hall Meeting at the Ripon Senior Center, conducted by representatives from the Ripon Consolidated Fire District, RCFD Board of Directors, and Local Fire Union (answering questions regarding Measure A), I must express my continuing opposition to this special tax requiring $125 per single-family residential structure, while doubling the amount to $250 per senior independent, assisted, or skilled nursing unit at Bethany home.
As a Bethany Home resident and member of the Bethany Home Board of Directors, I have great appreciation for the excellent service of the Ripon Fire Department (maintaining rapid fire protection and emergency medical services throughout the community), as expressed by all of the speakers at this meeting. There was also a general consensus (among presenters and questioners alike) favoring equity, fairness, honesty, transparency, and consistency.
Recognizing the unfairness of Measure A, the Ripon Fire District Board of Directors had passed a “Declaration of Intent” at its May 10, 2018, Meeting, lowering the tax rate for Bethany Home from $250 to $125 per unit- as with all other residents. But:
1)  How consistent is this with Measure A?
2)  How could this be transparent and honest, since Measure A (if passed) would still allow future acceptance of that $250/ unit fee for Bethany Home residents?
3)  Despite the current Board’s modification of its original intent, what could happen over time (since boards do change)?
4)  If measure A passes, $250/unit for Bethany Home will remain as an option, truth being in the details: the full text of Measure A.
5)  Is this really equity, fairness, honesty, transparency, and consistency?
We do have a responsibility to our community (and we take that seriously), but it has to be fair and equitable which is why all those voicing their opinions in the meeting hall (filled with people) were opposed to Measure A!
Melvin J. Mulda