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Forget potholes, its holes in the sidewalks that should worry you
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The biggest hazard when it comes to getting around Manteca may be walking on the sidewalk on the north side of westbound East Highway 120/East Yosemite Avenue next to the ARCO station before you reach Button Avenue.
A phone call was placed to Caltrans several months ago about a concrete cover for utility access of some sort that had been damaged and had concrete chunks held together by what appears to be reinforcement wire. It wasn’t a safe surface to cross. Caltrans at the time wasn’t too sure if it was in their right of way but promised they’d check it out.
Now fast forward to Tuesday.  The cover has now been completely destroyed. Someone pulled it onto nearby grass given its useless state leaving a nice 2-foot drop not to mention exposed cables. It is without a doubt an unsafe situation. We sent “report problem” forms to both Caltrans and the City of Manteca Tuesday. We’re hoping Caltrans got their’s but we know the City of Manteca did as we received an email confirmation.
Hopefully someone will step up before someone steps into it and gets seriously hurt.