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Frank Aquila: Trump may be jerk; but he is not a criminal
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Hillary Clinton made history becoming the first individual to ever win a major party nomination while being investigated for multiple felonies by the FBI.  What’s worse is Hillary being under investigation for such crimes is that Democrats around the country don’t care and continued to support her. 
Larry Baca is one of those Democrats that just don’t care.  He has accused me of supporting Donald Trump even though I have never publically endorsed Trump.  I was a Cruz supporter and my vote for president will be more against Hillary than it will be for any challenger.  I will never support a criminal or a crook for president. 
Hillary Clinton is a criminal who is protected by President Obama.  It is known that Hillary and Obama exchanged at least 18 emails to each other on Hillary’s private server.  Those emails may provide further information about other criminal activity, including information relating to the death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  This would explain why Obama has come out and protected Hillary against criminal prosecution. Yet, it is Democrats like Larry Baca that just don’t care.
Hillary set up a private server in her home, which threatened national security, to prevent oversight by congress, deflect the American people from the Freedom of Information Act, and use her ability to use her position as Secretary of State to buy influence, selling American interests, including American uranium to the Russians through a Canadian investor for millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Yet, it is Democrats like Larry Baca that just don’t care.
Hillary claims that she is for women’s rights while attacking those women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. 
As a lawyer, Hillary defended a child molester that raped a 12 year old year old girl, attacking the credibility of the child making claims that the girl “fantasized” about men, which reduced the sentence of the child rapist.  The girl was raped so bad that she could never have children.  Yet, it is Democrats like Larry Baca that just don’t care.
Hillary claims she is for the “little people” while she earned 21.6 million in speaking fees from 2013-2015.  She earned 14 million in her book of lies while being chauffeured and pampered as a queen who is not like the other rich, throwing a stone at Donald Trump from her own glass house.  Yet, it is Democrats like Larry Baca that just don’t care.
If Hillary becomes president, illegal immigrants will continue to pour into America as our border will not be secure.  American tax dollars will be funneled away from our veterans and given to those here illegally to secure more Democrat votes from future Democrats on government assistance. Our national debt will continue to grow until an economic collapse occurs.  ISIS will continue to expand with the ability to sneak into America placing American lives at stake.  Criminals will gain more rights while our police and law abiding citizens will be shamed.  However, it is Democrats like Larry Baca that just don’t care.
Maybe Democrats like Larry Baca believe that since Hillary has been able to delete all of her criminal activity, she can take all of America’s problems and all of our financial debt and put it on her server and just by deleting it, it will all go away.
Trump may be a jerk; but he is not a criminal.

Frank Aquila