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Free speech goes both ways
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

For the love of God, can Larry Baca get a life?  Why do you have to spend so much time chasing Frank Aquila?  I have researched his letters and Frank Aquila is right.  Just because you do not like it does not make what he writes not true.  Just because you do not like our heritage as a Christian nation does not make it not true. And just because you do not understand how the Virgin Mary can be the Mother of God does not make it not to be true.  I will try to explain this to you.  

The Virgin Mary is the Mother of God because of the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  They are three but considered ONE. 

Therefore Jesus is God and that makes Mary the Mother of God.  Larry, your mind is small and someone should help you.  

I have not written in a while so I thought I would express my opinion.  I want to also point to the letter by Roger Flage.  He wants to be critical of Mr. Simoni and Mr. Aquila as exponents of Christian faith.  All the letters Mr. Aquila has written have never been personal.  Mr. Simoni writes his opinion. 

I see nothing wrong with his entitlement to call the president an “idiot”.  As a matter of fact, I remember much worse being said by those in the Democrat Party about President Bush.  Free speech goes both ways; except when it goes against something you agree with, you want it silenced.

Amy Sullivan
Dec. 13, 2009