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Gestapo-style code enforcement in Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It is plain to see that this is not the Family City as stated by city staff and city council, referring to the issue that has popped up recently concerning the fence issue with the John Griffin family.

Mr. Griffin was told this was creating a visibility issue – nonsense. The only visibility issue is coming from city hall. Someone who has a nice home, and has spent some $1,500 installing a nice fence, now is being harassed by “Gestapo Headquarters” alias city hall. If the code enforcement officer would have had his eyes opened he would have seen a number of homes in this area that have similar situations. It is plain to see that this is an open and closed case of selected code enforcement. The city manager says that the city avoids “Gestapo” enforcement. What do you call this Karen? No doubt that the person who snitched on Mr. Griffin is jealous along with city staff. If the code officer wants to earn the fat salary he is making, paid by us taxpayers, get out and about town and check the condition of these streets and the numerous sidewalk work that is needed.

The Griffin family has selected Manteca to make their home. Leave the Griffin family alone. Prove to them that this is the Family City. The code officer should resign and leave town.

Fred Millner
August 27, 2012