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Getting a college education debt free
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I like the way you’re thinking (Dennis Wyatt’s column: “Free tuition isn’t enough: They want free living as well.” Feb. 8, 2017): how ridiculous for any college student to expect their entire cost of education and living be covered by taxpayers.
 You have a great point, the government has a program like the one you suggest, go to any of the military academies and in return give that branch several years of service for the education. My daughter is in her second year at Stan State, she did not receive any scholarships or grants. Because I worked hard and obtained employment with a company that provides me and my family with a comfortable lifestyle, I am paying for her tuition, automobile and insurance, as well as contributing to pay for someone else’s child to go to college.
She commutes four days a week to Turlock because the cost of living at school was out of reach to pay for without loans. She works part time and pays for her books, gas and parking permit. She’s not going to a UC or a private college because we are making the sacrifice to pay for her education he can leave college debt free. If college is that important to a family making $125,000 a year they should be able to make the same sacrifice.

Steven Palesch