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Grasping at straws over President Obama
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Grasping at straws was my first reaction to a letter published in the Your Views section of the Manteca Bulletin on Friday submitted by Mr. Frank Aquila (who for some reason was missing his usual “President of the San Joaquin Republicans” title). Was this letter a little too far out to include that title? Nah, nothing seems to be too far out for Mr. Aquila and this latest attempt was no different.

Mr. Aquila starts out reasonable enough, suggesting that Willard Mitt Romney release his tax records, something even a growing number of Republican officials have been calling for. Mr. Romney has released one, yes one, year worth of tax records and has stated he will not release any more. His own father released 12 years of tax records when he was running for office. Besides, it’s not like Willard has to dig them up out of the attic or something. Those tax records must be sitting in a box somewhere, so what is the big deal, Willard? Willard handed over at least 12 years worth to the John McCain campaign when Willard was being vetted for the VP spot. Sarah Palin beat him out for that spot of course but one has to wonder what was in the tax records that was so bad that it caused John McCain to pass on Willard and pick someone as bad as Palin.

Anyway, to counter this reasonable request for Willard’s tax records, Mr. Aquila turned to Breitbart.Com, an ultra-conservative blogger for some help (Andrew Breitbart died this year of course but his blog lives on in infamy). In Breitbart’s blog it lists all the alleged “Hidden Obama Records”. Rush Limbaugh also has a list of his own, surprise, surprise. This list includes the infamous “Missing Birth Certificate” Donald Trump likes to talk about and a great conversation topic at regional Tea Party Rallies and Walmart parking lots.

The list garnered by Mr. Aquila includes the usual silly accusations, hidden Selective Service card, adoption, baptism, and medical records. Do you see a pattern here? Anything to make Obama seem illegitimate, not like us, not a real American, etc... But Mr. Aquila doesn’t end there, he even makes one up of his own, I say that because I have never seen this one. Mr. Aquila asks for Obama’s Hawaiian Social Security number.

See what I mean about grasping at straws?

Larry Baca


July 20, 2012