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Guns: Peddling fear & misinformation
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The recent non-action on sensible gun control by our Do-Nothing-Congress, which is hovering at about a 13% national approval rating is apparently OK with at least one local person who tried his best to peddle some more fear and misinformation about the gun control bills which were turned down by the entire Republican branch of said Congress, with a couple of Democrats jumping into that same mud hole the Republican Majority wallow around in on a daily basis. (“A look at gun control so far”) June 24 by Scott McComas.
McComas gives us his version of gun control in this country but his real intention is to spread the same fears and misinformation that the NRA has been peddling all along. That is that the Government (Read Obama) is going to take your guns away. Of course now that almost eight years have passed and Obama and his secret Vampire Army hasn’t showed up at your door to pick up your guns, the crazed villagers are re-lighting their torches and getting prepared to storm the Hillary Castle soon to be on Capitol Hill.
Contrary to what McComas, the Republican Congress and the NRA would have you believe, there is no move to repeal the 2nd Amendment, there is no move to disarm one group of Americans and arm another. The last statement in the McComas letter : “Anti-2nd amendment people do not realize that somebody is going to try to control the government, steal from you, or try to kill you.  If they have a weapon and you don’t, you lose your country, property, or life.” has all the fear mongering and misinformation that has been repeated by both Houses of the Republican Congress, Donald Trump and the NRA. Of course none of that is true, the bills voted on by Congress (Only after being forced to put them up for a vote by the sit-In Democrats and public outcry) were simply a couple of sensible ideas:
1. If a person is on the No-Fly list, they should not be able to buy any weapon.
2. Close the loophole where one can buy any weapon on the Internet or a gun show without a background check.
3. Expand background checks to eveybody (Not a special group).
They didn’t even want a vote to ban Assault Weapons, such as the AR-15 used in the Orlando killings, which makes sense to me. Who needs a weapon made especially for killing people?
Now before everyone assumes I am some kind of gun hater, let me enlighten you. I was raised in New Mexico and Arizona, where guns are as common as almond orchards around here. I got my first 22 single shot rifle when I was in the 7th grade, since then I have amassed more guns than I will ever need. When my Dad died, I got his guns, when my neighbor died, his wife gave me his guns. My younger brother, who still lives in New Mexico, was an avid hunter until health problems stopped that in its tracks, has even more guns than I do but I would be willing to bet I have more guns than our fear peddler friend will ever have.
Oh, did I mention every one of those proposals I listed are backed by 90% of the American people. Not just Democrats but all Americans. Just who does that Do-Nothing-Congress work for? 90% of Americans or the NRA?

Larry Baca