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Health care means more bucks for feds
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Why would a President and Congress that are becoming more unpopular with the American public keep pushing for a health care bill that is not wanted by 85% of the public?

The answer is obvious and not being reported. The government needs the money.

By creating a massive new government bureaucracy needed to manage the government-run system, tax increases are already built into the bill to provide for the funding. Multi-billions of dollars will pour into government coffers to fund this undertaking. The new taxes, coupled with cutbacks in care and rationing of services, will save the government billions of dollars.

This will give Congress and the President another “social program” with multi-billions of dollars in its possession that can then be used, borrowed, or “raided” to pay off some of the nation’s mounting debt.

Guess who will be on the books as the holder of the new taxes? You, me and our kids. I am tired of being responsible for irresponsible spending by our representatives. This is the year to remove all incumbents from office.

Review the records of those running for office and beware of lawyers. They are the ones who have passed the spending bills and gotten us where we are.
 Dale Burnham
Feb. 24, 2010