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How about being a responsible cat owner?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This letter is in response to Manteca resident, Katherine Rodriquez, and her complaint to the person that trapped the neighborhood cats.

Ironically, Katherine puns on “person” being a loose term, yet there are several veterinarians and animal rights groups that advocate pet ownership responsibility.  Spaying and neutering cats is not the only requirement for pet ownership – it is the minimum.

If you live in a residential area, why would you let your cat run the neighborhood and then get angry when someone doesn’t want the cat in his yard, walking on his vehicles, marking, stirring up dogs contained in their yards, leaving their feces in their flower beds, etc.?  I don’t live in your neighborhood, yet I have lived in many neighborhoods and homes in the country.  Irresponsible city pet owners are considered to be those that have no regard for their neighbors and let their animals run free, and in the case of dogs, those that let their animals bark constantly. 

Unfortunately, your son now has to face the harsh reality of missing his beloved pet because you failed to do your job as a responsible pet owner and keep your animals indoors.  If you want to be mad at anyone, then point your finger right back at yourself.  How dare you belittle someone taking responsibility to clean up your neighborhood!

Lisa Rosa
Sept, 15, 2011