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How about some good paying jobs?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Here we go with just another election around the corner with every candidate seeking a seat on the City Council having pretty much the same mumbo jumbo talk — jobs, jobs, jobs.
What kind of jobs are they talking about? Taco Bell? McDonalds? Wal-Mart?  It certainly seems that way.
Anyone seeking a high paying job is going to have to make a round-trip daily to the Bay Area. The only high paying jobs in this city are in top level city positions that are overpaid or else you are a consultant. Councilman Richard Silverman can relate to this.
Council hopefuls Ben Cantu, David Cushman, and Jeff Zellner were the only candidates that showed spending $57,500 on branding was a waste of tax dollars. The other three hopefuls could care less since it’s not their money. Let’s hope this election will be done fair and square and not like the last election where the voters ousted someone only for him to be reappointed by Mayor Steve DeBrum and Silverman.
Let’s hope this next election will be in the best interests of all concerned.

Fred Millner