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How could embassies not have been on alert on 9-11?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In an apparent attempt to pour some much needed fire retardant on Mitt Romney’s latest fire storm over the 47% remarks caught on a cell-phone during a Republican fund raiser, Mr. Aquila attempts to turn back the clock a few days to a smaller fire (“Obama dropped the ball in Middle East”, Sept. 20 letter). I am not sure why Aquila would want to revisit that fire, but revisit he did.

Apparently he thought if he passed on something he dug up on the Internet that looked good to him, regardless of the source, maybe, just maybe, someone who has been living in a bubble would believe him. What he found was an unsubstantiated story about Obama receiving a 48-hour warning on the attack on our Embassy in Libya.  Of course he doesn’t tell us who warned Obama. Was it Leon Panetta, Homeland Security, Sarah Palin? Who provided this vital information?

Aquila then reports that our Marines sent to defend our Embassy were not permitted to carry live ammo. Really, Frank? And where did you get this information? Oh yeah, you said you got it from “Blogs”. Wonderful.

Then Aquila claims the embassies in the Middle East were not warned to be on the alert during the anniversary of 9/11.  Let me get this straight, Frank. Middle East Embassies have to be warned about the possible problems on the anniversary of 9/11? I assume it is because these Middle East smbassadors don’t have calendars with big red circles around that date? Please! Be real!

His last futile attempt to cover for Mitt was his accusation that Obama wasn’t even in Washington during this crisis, so how could he keep informed of the ongoing situation?  Excuse me, Frank, this isn’t the John Adams era where the President had to keep pretty close to the action. We are living in an era of almost instant communication. If the President can launch a nuclear war from his seat on AF1, I am sure he can manage to keep informed on any security issues, no matter where they occur.

Maybe, Frank would like to rethink how he wants to fight this latest 47% fire. Making up stuff won’t help. I really don’t understand what Frank wants to accomplish with this Right Wing drivel oozing out of his proverbial Bubble. 

Let’s re-visit how Romney handled that same Embassy situation, let’s start with what President Obama had to say about Romney’s reaction:

“Gov. Romney seems to have a tendency to fire before he aims.” - President Obama. This after Willard Romney once again showed why there are serious questions about whether Romney is really qualified to be The Commander-In-Chief as it pertains to foreign affairs. Remember his Olympics/European tour fiasco? Not that there isn’t a severe lack of enthusiasm when it comes to other presidential responsibility areas, however he has failed so miserably in the foreign affairs area, it overshadows, by a long shot, his short comings in all those other questionable areas.

The latest questions came after Romney showed up in a hastily staged press conference just minutes after the now well known terrorists attack on the American Embassy in Libya which resulted in the death of four American Embassy employees, including the American ambassador. The press conference was called, not to try to unite all Americans in a time of great tragedy but was obviously politically motivated.

Larry Baca
Sept, 21, 2012