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How many new members will Freethinkers get?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Here we go again. I guess Pastor Steve Perea wants more than just his 15 minutes of fame, as he once again decides to loudly and publicly affirm his beliefs. Pastor Perea, we got it the first time! You are now becoming redundant.

Perhaps he should rethink his strategy regarding the Freethinkers meetings since it seems to have backfired and brought dozens of new members to the Freethinkers group. If the Freethinkers group is ever in need of a Director of Membership Drives perhaps they should consider Pastor Perea.

It is nice to know that more judicious minds have prevailed and that the Freethinkers group have taken the “high road” by not congregating in front of his meetings on Sundays.

It will be interesting to see how many new members the Freethinkers acquire after Pastor Perea’s performance on March 19.

Sandra Ahrens
March 13, 2014