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If Sam Fant just apologizes . . .
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

My husband and I had a dear and trusted friend visit us in our home on Friday afternoon. In the past he coached our youngest daughter and he teaches for Manteca Unified School District. During our visit we did discuss some of the things happening in the school district and he had nothing but praise for trustee Sam Fant. I was so happy to learn from someone I trusted and respected that Fant has been working hard to help and serve our community, as I had said before I never had the opportunity to see his good works, just his deceptions.

After our friend left our home and I reflected on how I am prepared to forgive Fant and move forward, I wondered if the rest of the community is. Granted, I still think Fant needs to own up for the mistakes and lies and apologize to our community and try to correct these mistakes.

Not every mistake can be undone. Some things in life we just need to learn from, apologize and move on.

I can respect someone who is honestly trying to do the best they can and I recognize that as we consistently work at something we get better at it.

In the world today it seems that people (including me) are quick to judge and point out the flaws and mistakes of others but who among us are perfect? I do hope that Fant learns from his mistakes, confesses, corrects and apologizes for them and then moves forward. If he has a set of master keys, return them. Apologize for wearing a Masters degree robe. Apologize for letting his personal feelings towards Mr. Fregoso lead him to making a series of bad choices for WRHS and the Weston Ranch community. Ultimately those bad decisions could have a long lasting and negative effect on the academic outcomes and the social climate at WRHS. Work within the rules and guidelines of the office in which he serves.

As for Ashley Drain, I hope she recognizes that under her circumstances it would be best to resign.

Jane Holiday

Weston Ranch/Stockton