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Illegal fireworks users like cockroaches
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The use of Illegal fireworks has been going on now for over four weeks now.  It started around June 15 or so — nothing unusual of course.  It happens every year.  

Now that the new ordinance has taken effect, apparently no one got the memo, or no one can read English or Spanish, or no one cares.  Nothing has changed.

 When the first hit, the illegal fireworks started going off like gang busters.  Why didn’t the City of Manteca start enforcing the law 10 year ago when all this started?  Living in the sound of a war zone is nothing new in this town.  The people that are lighting off all these explosives remind me of cockroaches.  They come out late at night when no one can see them, light that crap off until just before the sun comes up, then at the crack of dawn they scatter, and hide until the next night until they can do it all over again. 

 I don’t blame them, because they know they can get away with it, just like anyone in this town knows they can get away with speeding.  Driving 55 in a 25, no problem.  Oh well, maybe next year.


Fred Neeleman