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Impressed with Chief Dave Bricker
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In Sunday’s issue (Sept. 13) the Bulletin was most interesting in a couple of ways.

First a few comments about Police Chief Dave Bricker visiting residents dining at Perko’s. I think what he does is totally awesome. He goes into the community and faces both sides, good and bad with dignity and honor. The most important thing is that he takes the time to “LISTEN.’ He listens to everyone and everything and does not hide behind a telephone or have a town hall the same way. Dave Bricker is a true PATRIOT.  Our Congressman Jerry McNerney can take a lesson here. Where is he anyway?

 Second is the letter by Karen Pearsall in regards to a letter by Frank Aquila on this health care issue. This is exactly the point in Washington by both sides. Neither side can agree on what is exactly in this thing.  Neither side knows exactly what’s in it. So what’s the rush? There are more important issues at stake. Get this thing done in the Middle East, bring manufacturing back to American shores, then do this health care plan. Again, what’s the rush? Do the Chinese want their money?

 My first choice is for the government to leave my health care to me. They can’t even run the Post Office, Cash for Clunkers, or the IRS. Look up “the Rangel Rule” in Google.

 The important thing to all Americans is that this plan needs to be “crystal clear’ by both sides, and 100% fair. I want to make sure I get the same care if I am one-day old or 100 years old. If this is going to be a law, it needs to be as clear as sitting at a stop sign - plain and simple.  

 So, Mr. Obama, I am formally telling you, your plan is not fair nor is it crystal clear. If you want to “call me out”,  …..all I can say to that is ‘get ‘er done.”

 Gary Duran
Sept. 14, 2009