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Impressed with city water department workers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I want to publicly thank the two men from the City of Manteca Water Department for responding to the water line leak connected to my water meter.

A work team of two men from the Water Department arrived at my home on a Monday afternoon. They diagnosed the problem but with limited time could not correct the leak. They informed me that they would return Tuesday morning to correct the leak and/or inform me whether it was their responsibility (the Water Department) or my responsibility to correct the water line leak.

They returned Tuesday morning promptly, informed me that they need to turn the water off to finish their diagnosis and/or correct the water line leak. They were very informative and professional. They began working immediately, identified the problem as that of the Water Department and began to repair the water line to stop the leak. After a couple of hours, I went out to see what progress was being made. At that time they were in the final process of repair and replacing the grass and dirt along the water meter box. They showed me the cause of the water line leak and what repair had been accomplished. I was extremely satisfied with their work ethics and professionalism. Again, thanks to the two Water Department employees.

Robert L. Fennell
Nov. 14, 2011