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Impressed with Delite Hawkins Family Caf
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

My husband and I had one of our most memorable experiences in Manteca last Saturday night. We have lived here almost 29 years. John had a Rotary meeting at UC Merced that went into early afternoon. When he got home he then continued on with a home project. We knew that we were going out for dinner but where to? It was already well past 7:30 and I knew I wanted something different. He mentioned the Delite Hawkins Family Café located across the street from his office and the hospital.

When we got there it looked as though they were closed. My heart sank with disappointment. Encouragingly John said, “Go try the door.” I looked in and a light was on so I did try the door. Sure enough the door was locked. I peeked in again and saw a woman coming towards the door. I waved and went to meet her. She opened the door and I said, “I’m so sorry that you’re closed but we will come back another time.” She said, “Oh, no, come on in,” “Come on in, you’re here” and she looked to John in the car and waved a “Come on in.” We had a choice of soup or salad. I had the best split pea soup. John had the salad and yes, I had to taste their dressing, it was delicious.

Our order each had their four pieces of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. We also had a choice of vegetables. You read that right…a choice of vegetables. The food was absolutely fabulous! I told one of the lovely ladies that the fried chicken tasted just like my great-grandma Gracie use to make. She asked where she was from and I told with a smile on my face, “Granny Gracie was from Louisville, Kentucky.” She then smiled with a yes.

At some point during our time I believe all the Delite Hawkins Family that was there came out to greet and welcome us. They truly are a warm welcoming reflection of His love. I believe our Father in heaven had a smile on His glorious face. I wanted something different and instead I got something perfect.

Many thanks to y’all and next time I will be sure to save room for your dessert! The Delite Hawkins Family Café  is located at 1800 W. Yosemite Street, across the street from Kaiser Hospital. Enjoy!

Leslie Trueb
June 6, 2011