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Is there change blowing in the wind?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The New Orleans Saints are leading the football parade as the newest NFL Champions.

After a long recovery, now over four years since Hurricane Katrina’s destruction, the folks of Louisiana now have a team they can rally around, a hope for better times to come. My family is from there. The mood is positive for an economic recovery on the coast.

This country is also on a long slow recovery from our last economic downturn. Just maybe the U.S. Olympic team up in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, can inspire our folks in America to have pride in who we are as a free country. As we turn the corner into spring 2010, Americans are starting to look for some new leaders to go to Sacramento and Washington, DC. People who will start to put the country first over their own selfish political parties. It’s not too early to think about what real changes we want to see in our elected officials this year.

I believe real change is in the political winds that are blowing all the way from Massachusetts to our great state of California.
Larry Mutulich
Feb. 28, 2010