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Its been an honor to serve Manteca
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In 1986, Ronald Reagan was president, NASA had just recruited the first teacher to go to space, Christy McAuliffe, and Manteca Unified had hired its first female high school social science teacher — me.
 I had just completed my student teaching with Michael Zugnoni at East Union and now was I was going to teach at EU.  Dick Durham was the principal, Dino Cunial was department chair, and Grady Lee and Nick Dillis were to be my mentors.  I had entered their all male world with panty hose and pumps!  These kind and savvy gentlemen were patient but direct.  My female status did not influence their treatment of me, on the contrary they expected me to keep up with the boys.
Things change and so has education: From the 1980s when CTBS testing was in to the new STAR exam in the 1990s to the SBAC in 2015.  And lest not forget the CHSEE test, now deemed void.  Direct instruction with the sage on stage has moved to Common Core, where the teacher is the GPS and students learn to navigate their own path for learning. 
About 7,200 students later, I am retiring.  My years with EUHS and MUSD have been great, challenging, fun, but mostly fulfilling as I have come to love this community and its wonderful people.  I cannot say that the Manteca Bulletin has always treated me well, but I can say that I have grown as a person with each, and every piece of constructive advice that has been freely given to me, particularly from Dennis Wyatt.
To past and current board of trustees — Mrs. Teicheira, Mr. Fichtner, and Mr. Medeiros, I thank you for your support and trust.  To the current board, I wish you well and that you serve with fidelity and humility, and always remember that students are why you serve.
To Mr. Mora, current principal at East Union High School, I have no fears that EU is in sound and caring hands.  Thank you, boss for your respect and trust.  And to the rest of EU, Mrs. Peterson, Mr. Liberato, Mrs. Godfrey, Mr. Barnes, Mrs. Ficken Mrs. Greenly, and so many others, I bid you fare well in your journey at EUHS.
It has been an honor to serve you Manteca.
With respect and humility,

Sandy Riggins
 AKA Riggxit