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Just how hard really are things with city spending?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is in regards to the story in Monday’s paper about City of Manteca projects headlined, “Manteca’s $27 million construction frenzy; Everything from transit station to sewer lines to trees”

Looks like to me, it isn’t just raining rain this season. All these millions seem to be falling right out of the sky: Measure K funds, federal stimulus money, growth funds, and some funds from sewer and water.

How stupid do (those in charge) of this spending money, which they try to convince us sheep (taxpayers) think we are? Sure doesn’t look at all that times are hard. Maybe it is time for some impeaching.

I wish some of these green backs out of the clouds would fall in my yard!

Alin Rensie
June 7, 2011