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Larry Baca: The con has begun
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I had to smile to myself when I read the column written by the Bulletin’s Right Wing columnist out of Ripon, Chuck Roots.(“Congratulations, America!”) on Wednesday.
Roots always attempts to tie his Christian God and his Christian Bible to whatever he submits for publication. I don’t know why his columns are not relegated to the “Faith” page, that’s where they really belong. Anyway, after citing scripture after scripture to explain our politics, he ends up insinuating it was his Christian God that determined the winner of the Presidential Election which gave us Trump. It made me wonder then, since at least two of our Right Wing letter writers have agreed that the Devil is a Democrat, then, using Root’s logic, it was Satan himself who selected President Obama, not once, but twice. Does this also mean the Christian God is a Republican? So let’s take a look at that “logic” shall we? So the Christian God, in his infinite wisdom, decides American politics is where he should spend some time.
Forget the rest of the world, its football season anyway and he needs to get back to making sure players making touchdowns point to the sky to acknowledge his help. Anyway, he/she decides America should elect a Klan backed, known and proven misogynist, bigot and racist and ignore the woman who has her own email server. How evil of that woman.  Silly, isn’t it? Apparently it’s not for some.
In the column, Roots said, in an apparent acknowledgement to the popular vote actually going to Clinton, which once again called into question the validity of the Electoral College. Roots states that the Electoral College was put into place to protect the rural areas of the country from the larger populations centers. No, it was put into place to protect the slave states of the South, in short it allowed slaves to be counted in the population albeit at a discount (the three-fifths clause), even though slaves could not vote. Look it up for yourself.  Roots further states the Electoral College would insure that every vote counted. Tell that to the over 2 million (and counting) vote majority for Clinton.
Since the election, there have been a couple of letters from both sides, some had good points, others left one shaking one’s head in wonder. One of those head shakers (“Aquila sounds ‘Trumpet’ of victory”) on Nov. 14 was submitted by Frank Aquila. Aquila lists all the “obstacles”, real or imagined, which Trump had to endure to win the Electoral race (He lost the popular vote). Aquila failed to mention the “help” he got, which was, in the end, substantial. Help from the FBI, who stepped in during the final days of the election to submit a report to Congress that suggested Clinton had more to hide, only in someone else’s Emails this time, of course there wasn’t but that wasn’t the intention of the report, was it? Then there was the help from Vladimir Putin and the communist government who hacked the DNC emails and fed them to Wikileaks in their attempt to influence the Election. Mission accomplished. Aquila, like Trump, tried to tie the “corrupt” media to Clinton and the DNC, by corrupt media, I doubt that he meant FOX News.
As usual, Aquila goes on and on about the evil practiced by Hillary and Bill Clinton but did you notice he left out something he never leaves out when referring to the Clintons, Obama or hell, any Democrat? Yes, the Saul Alinsky/communist connection. I wonder why? Could it be because of his own guys’ connection with Putin and the communist government? Can’t go calling someone a Pinko Commie when your guy is waving the communist flag over Trump Tower, can you?
Sounds like the con has begun...

Larry Baca