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Lathrop Road residents request weight limit for trucks using street
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
We, the residents who live on Lathrop Road between Highway 99 and Interstate 5, are requesting that the City of Manteca pass an ordinance to reduce the weight limit for trucks to four tons and post signs reading “Not a Thur Truck Route”.
The current unrestricted truck travel in front of our homes poses an increased danger to our lives and danger to the community. The fact the current ordinance affects a larger regional area we are addressing the problem jointly. The current unlimited weight limit drastically decreases the safety of our lives. Once the 8,000-pound truck exits Highway 99 and leaves Manteca City Limits on the west they continue  on through the City of Lathrop impacting their residents, then exits onto Interstate 5 where hundreds of children walk daily to attend Lathrop High School that live on the east side.
We agree local businesses should be give permits to pick up and deliver goods on Lathrop Road. Neither Centerpoint nor Union Pacific intermodal would be affected by a new ordinance.  Both have a direct access to Interstate 5 via Roth Road, an STAA approved route, then on to 120 Bypass or Highway 4 to connect with Highway 99, as stated in the EIR. Currently thousands of trucks weekly use Lathrop Road to connect from Highway 99 and I-5 to avoid the grid lock and slower travel times on the 120 Bypass. The intent of the construction of the 120 Bypass  was to direct through traffic of cars and trucks off Yosemite to improve the safety and quality of live for Manteca  residents. The current unlimited weight limit causes unfounded safety issues to thousands of Manteca and Lathrop residents daily.
School children use Lathrop Road to attend school at Calvary Community Church and Lions and Lambs, East Union High, John McFall School, George McParland, Neil Hafley in Manteca. Joseph Wider Jr., Lathrop Elementary, and Lathrop High School in Lathrop. Manteca Uniifed does not provide bus service within a two-mile radius of each school. Children are forced to walk or many parents use Lathrop Road to drive them. The MUSD bus yard is located on Airport Way. School buses extensively use Lathrop Road to carry our children to school.
Churches including Calvary Community Church, two Church of Jesus Latter-Saints, Highlight Church of God in Christ are located on and very near to Lathrop Road.
Many community activities are affected including Tidewater Bike Trail, sports events at East Union High School, Northgate Park Softball Fields, Lathrop Community Recreation Center, Woodfield and Greenbelt Park, Lathrop Library and the Generational Center and Skate Park.
Law enforcement on Lathrop Road is hampered in both the police departments of the City of Manteca and Lathrop. Under staffing and uneducated Police officers in regards to the illegal STAA Trucks has made the problems are unacceptable.
Elected leaders have the moral and ethical responsibility to protect citizens.

Mary Meninga