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Roundabouts would help Woodard Avenue

Editor, Manteca Bulletin

I am writing in regard to Woodward Avenue.  Specifically, the two articles regarding the tragedy at the Wellington Avenue crosswalk, and the inaction of the Manteca City Council in considering the total lack of safety on this road.  

My husband and I moved into our country home on Woodward Avenue just west of Tinnin, in 1993.  It was a two-lane country road, with a few cars traveling by our home during the day.  Fast forward to today, we are surrounded by developments, malls and schools, and all who travel on Woodward, from Airport to Moffat, treat Woodward as a speedway, thinking nothing of traveling in excess of 60 miles an hour, at all hours of the day and night.  There have been many accidents on our road, including one that killed a friend’s father at the intersection of Woodward and Union, and a car that lost control in front of our house and ended up airborne, wedging his car sideways between our mailbox and olive tree.  

Our neighbor was backing into his driveway at night, with all lights on, and a car plowed into him, speeding and obviously not paying attention.  I could go on.  It is also close to impossible to pull out and into the road.  With cars going 60 mph both ways, we take our chances trying to exit our driveway.  Pulling into our driveway is even worse.  I turn my blinker on at least two houses away, and slow down to turn.  I have had cars tailgate, honk, flip me off, and pass me as I’m trying to turn into my home.  One almost ran head-on into a car coming the opposite direction.  The people in our neighborhood take their lives into their hands every time they leave their driveways.  My neighbor takes her two young grandchildren to school and picks them up every day, and it frightens me that she is a sitting duck in the road when she has to wait for traffic.  I can’t even walk across the street to visit my neighbor!  How many accidents will it take for the city to see that we do have a “blood alley” here.  I can also say that I never see our road patrolled.  If it was, the city’s coffers would be overflowing with money from speeding tickets.  I feel that a round-about at Tinnin would be great.  It would slow the traffic down coming from Union going east, and help the people living in the new development get onto Woodward.  

As far as Woodward Avenue by the park, it is just as bad.  I ride my bike to the park, and have to cross where the accident occurred.  Even with the flashing lights, traffic does NOT stop for pedestrians.  You have to cross at your own risk.  If someone is on their phone, or messing with their radio, they will not see you until it is too late.  Do you know how many people cross there?  I can’t believe no one has been killed before now, but it is only a matter of time.  A round-about there would also be advised.  

I cannot believe that the new housing development west of Union is called “Raceway Homes”.   Are you serious?!!  Who in their right mind came up with that name?  Maybe that’s why all the jerks make donuts at the Union intersection at all hours of the night.  I noticed the corner house had their fence destroyed, I’m sure by the idiots spinning their cars.  What part of “this road is dangerous” does the city not understand?  Let’s start talking a 30 mph speed limit (I do believe we are considered a populated neighborhood, within two blocks of a school), put in a round-about, and start patrolling to slow the traffic!  Isn’t that why we pay our tax dollars?

I could gather a very large group of people to meet with you on this subject if you so desire.  It may, in the long run, save a life or lives.

Michele Painter