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Manteca growth: Folly or greed?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As the “Manteca Bulletin” has articles about thousands of new homes to be built in Manteca, I do not understand the thoughts of the city fathers. 
WATER: We have been attempting for maybe the 5th year in a row to save water and have been rather successful at it but that is not enough for almost 10.000 new homes.   “The average family of 4 uses 400 gallons of water per day” quote from environmental Protection  Agency,  “27% of that 400 gallon is  used flushing the toilet”.
SEWER: If that were the only water down the drain that would be about one million gallons of water per day.  If we would like to save 27% of that amount (which is about the goal) then we need to get permission from the city to install 10.000 out houses, this would give many people work to empty them that would be less water that would go to the sewer plant.  
BUILDERS.  I am wondering if all the construction would be done by local builders or would most of the money spent go to companies out of the area? In that case building would not help our economy that much.
MANTECA COUNCIL. Are you promoting the two or more companies that have asked for permits to build homes in Manteca or is this for the benefit of the building companies to make them richer.? Tell the truth.  
BAY AREA PEOPLE  I am sorry that you have expensive housing in your part of the state, but we are not here to bail you out so you can increase the cost of housing in Manteca. Demand will increase cost and then the people that live in Manteca with their families will not be able to afford housing in Manteca. We have seen that already. Our children will not be able to live in this part of the state. We are not here to save you from the greedy home builders and rental companies like has been done in some other countries. Maybe several 40-story apartment buildings would be the answer in the Bay Area.
TRAVEL. I don’t know how all the new residents will get to work as now it can be hard to get to the Bay Area in less than three hours. The highways are packed with drivers one to a car and the mass transit is not used by many employees that go every day.  If we have that many more houses in Manteca with workers in the Bay Area the rest of us probably should not plan to go there for our pleasure or to the airports.
GREED. Greed is what this is all about for the builders — more money in pockets.
CRIME. If we have that many more people the result will be more crime.
SCHOOLS. Our school systems in Manteca and Ripon will not be able to serve children in a proper manner unless we build new schools. That requires more money.             
Members of the Manteca City Council: Use your head for common sense not just to put your hat on. Think about what is best for the people.

Paul Witt