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Manteca needs the savings that SSJID offers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In your July 18, 2012 column you stated “Governor Jerry Brown should demand the resignation of virtually the entire CPUC board.”

You may not be aware that the three newest CPUC board members, Floria, Ferron, and Sandoval are true consumer advocates. Michel Floria was the senior attorney for TURN before becoming a CPUC commissioner. TURN is an effective consumer advocacy that has saved California utility and phone consumers billions of dollars off of their bills. Many previous commissioners have had ties with the utilities they oversee or get jobs afterwards.

PG&E has expenses SSJID doesn’t have. We routinely receive white sheets with our monthly bills which are applications for an increase in revenue. PG&E owes on fines due to poor service, San Bruno lawsuits, upgrading old neglected systems, executive pay, lower bond ratings, etc. Manteca needs the multiple and compounded savings SSJID has to offer, including lower bills, improved city services and education, jobs, saving for churches, charities, businesses and so much more.

Bonnie L. Medina


August 22, 2012