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Manteca should have free annual presentations
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
I was excited to read that our Mayor Steve DeBrum was going to give the City’s first formal State of the City, and that he believes the city’s residents should be informed of the goings on in our city — where it is now, regional trends, economy, etc.  And I totally agree with that.  But, then my excitement turned to dismay when, in the very last paragraph, it was noted that there would be a $15 fee to attend. 
How sad that we should have to pay to find out what is going on in Manteca.  Personally, I feel this should be an annual or biannual presentation — for free.

Dee Wackerly

Editor’s note: Joann Beattie — the executive director of the Manteca Chamber of Commerce that is co-sponsoring the State of the City with the City of Manteca — indicated the $15 charge is to cover the cost of breakfast. She noted similar State of the City breakfasts in Tracy are $25 and in Stockton $40. That said, Beattie noted anyone is welcome to drop by and listen to the presentations that does not have a ticket for breakfast. So far 170 tickets have been sold.