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Miscarriage: Natural death is not murder
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Mr. Killingsworth  you say in your letter (“Why does God or other deity get a pass from causing so many abortions in USA?” — March 26) “Therefore, the biggest abortionist on earth”. 

Interesting how you equate natural death with murder. Do you also think dying of age is God murdering our senior citizens? How about disease? Is that God murdering our misfortunates because they had the bad luck to get sick. Plain and simple, aborting babies at any point is murder.

 Dying from a miscarriage, a disease, old age, or even an accident is just the natural way of things. OK, maybe accidental death isn’t natural but in any of those cases it certainly has nothing to do with an angry God murdering off his people. God gets a pass simply because He isn’t capable of and, therefore, not guilty of any of the things you’re accusing Him of. 

Dave Brush