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MUSD forcing Going Digital on kids
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I know you have heard all about how unhappy so many parents are with Manteca Unified School District and their devices. They deny bullying students or parents, or forcing us to use these unfiltered porn and game hubs. Those are lies. Their nonsense started up already for this school year.

Today (Tuesday) my two Manteca High students had orientation. As usual, MUSD is trying to bully us. I have made it clear that until they secure their Internet, install an in-device filter that works everywhere (and/or keep the devices at school) and remove the app store which is filled with Grand Theft Auto, Netflix and porn proxies, my children will not be using their devices.

I filled out their permission slips, checked “NO”, and they were completely disregarded!

The following is the email I just sent to Mr. Messer in response to what happened today

“My two Manteca High School students had Buffalo Round up Day today. My first son came home with a device though I filled out both permission slips stating we are NOT using these devices this year. I went to campus to pick up my second son later and went into the library where he was in line. I watched as a woman looked at his permission slip, disregarded it, and slid a device toward him. He was told that he would not get a schedule unless he took the device. I walked both of the devices up to the desk and handed them over. Four people tried telling me they have to take the device or they won’t receive their schedules. I’m sorry, but what? I filled out your forms —  I checked NO. I am the parent, not you. I tell you when my child can go on a field trip, participate in activities and whether a device with unfiltered Internet access and an app store filled with inappropriate (non-educational) nonsense is used. While a woman was trying to shove the devices toward me repeatedly, she told me I should call you. I said no to the devices and Internet access. That is all you need to know.

“I am aghast at how this district operates. It seems you are all so used to bullying kids that you think you can bully parents as well. I still cannot believe that I stood there saying no, and a woman kept trying to shove these things toward me. Unreal. You and this district are crossing boundaries you have no right to cross and you are out of control with your egos. Just one last time. My children are not using your devices.”

If these devices were for education, they would not have rushed them out without a secure filtering app, would not have an app store, and they would actually be used in class for legitimate purposes.

Laine Gutierrez