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No streets running with blood
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Jason Campbell’s article in Friday’s Bulletin, “Court ruling shoots down ‘good cause’ for concealed guns” in which he writes, quote: “A federal appeals court known for its liberal-leanings struck down a mandate on Thursday that could make it easier for California residents to obtain concealed weapons permits”, will bring the namby-pamby leftist out in droves, wailing and breast beating.

Imagine, citizens actually ‘‘allowed” to carry concealed firearms, in California, no less? What will happen to us, they wail? The streets will run red with blood as the crazed citizens start drawing their concealed guns and killing people at random .... oh woe is us .... oh, wait, that already is happening in all of our major (and minor) cities throughout this state. Except, of course, it’s the bad guys carrying and using those guns on whoever they wish too, and their victims have long been unable to legally protect themselves as many others in a whole lot of other states outside of California.

Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and on and on, state after state “allowing” their law abiding citizens to carry concealed (and openly in some states) firearms to protect themselves. Oh, and guess what? No rivers of blood! Huh? Who would have thought it? Citizens actually are actually able to obtain, train, carry and protect themselves time after time with an evil gun......... oh horrors.

California has many millions of citizens who wish to carry a firearm concealed, male and female, and have forever, but, the policy of may issue vs. shall issue, has forced them to be unarmed sheep amongst the predators that thrive here. What an untapped influx of cash to the state/cities that can be. Several million will apply immediately, spending upwards of a hundred dollars for the paperwork and back grounding etc., what a gold mine that will be for the state. Jobs will be made available for the sales, training, paperwork etc. all associated to the process.

Self defense is a God given right and the use of any tool to assist that right, including firearms, should not be in the hands of an elected official or party. Citizen applies, pays their fees, background can be done like many other states (gosh, California could even ask the other guys how they do it, to make it easier) and if cleared, receive the state’s blessing in the form of a carry permit.

Three states don’t even issue a permit but allow their citizens the right to carry without government interference if you can believe that? really! And no streets running red with blood.

Give it a chance, you’ll be surprised.

Al Barth


Feb. 14, 2014