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Not citys responsibility to provide one
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is a rebuttal to Ben Cantu’s letter on we need a homeless center.

It is not the responsibility of this city or council to provide shelter for the homeless. If these people were interested in a program to reestablish themselves and become gainfully employed, then they have access to the state employment agency. 

There is no way that the Majority of the homeless has any interest in employment, for they make more money by constant panhandling. Panhandlers don’t pay taxes, they don’t have a home mortgage or any of the expenses to pay like we do, all donations to them are tax free and clear. Those that want to reestablish themselves have agencies that will help. The story the Bulletin published from “homeless to success” proves that if you have a desire to help yourself, then it’s possible.


Fleener Richards