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Obama can blame police but not ISIS
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Terrorism is on the rise.

We have President Obama who can’t call it terrorism or even connect it to Muslims. Obama has no problem about going on TV and blaming police and police departments. Obama is pointing the finger more at police departments than ISIS.

Obama is also blaming guns and climate change.

Do you hear Obama wanting to take guns away from ISIS or his security guards? Americans need guns to protect themselves and America. We can’t depend upon Obama and Hillary Clinton to protect us.

Obama thinks he is so smart. He doesn’t have to listen to the military generals on ISIS. The way this country is going down the tube shows how dumb Obama is. I watched Obama’s speech on TV for about 15 minutes and turned to Hee Haw. Junior Sample made more sense than Obama. At least Junior was telling the truth.


Richard Hanson