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Obama makes it more difficult for your kids to get a job
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Do you have a child that has been unable to to get a job? Were they having trouble because they had to compete with illegal aliens? Guess what? It will now be even more difficult because Obama has authorized over 800,000 illegal kids to get work permits without fear of any kind of reprisal from the government. That has just slanted the job market even further in favor of the illegals. They will still work for lower wages and longer hours than would be legal for anyone else. It is now they will pass the computer screening (e-verify) required by the government. 

 I do understand that those kids that have lived their whole life here feel they are Americans but there is one problem. Those kids who parents are either citizens by birth, as are the kids, or by naturalization, have been paying taxes and everything required of citizens was not being do by the illegals, no matter what is said. Something does have to be done but not at the expense of the children of the citizens!

 Just give things some serious thought. Why is the job market so poor? Who keeps getting the high paying jobs? Why are several jobs that were supposed to be generated by the Obama Stimulus Bill being filled by Chinese nationals, Oakland Bay Bridge ($7.5billion dollars), $190 million bridge job in Alaska, multi-billion dollar job in New York, to mention a few? Less than 10% of the workers are Americans. The government is sending over $10 billion to China and nothing for our workers.

 If you are thinking about your kids’ future, think about the change that has taken place in the country. Can you afford another four years like the last three? I can't, so I will look at everything being done in Washington and vote accordingly. 

 Dale Burnham


June 16, 2012